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Vocational training is a very important type of training that can change the lives of many people. Vocational education is often taken by people who are difficult to get jobs or go to a traditional school on their own. Vocational education programs often focus on preparing someone to immediately begin a career and teach practical skills that can be put to use immediately. Many professions are well suited to vocational training. Maybe some of the programs listed below are of interest to you.

Secretarial training programs often focus on helping people develop the skills they need to be effective secretaries or administrative assistants. Topics covered in a secretarial vocational training program can include business communication, typing, word processing, computers, and office management.

Medical billing
Medical billing is a vocational training program that prepares people to get careers as medical billers and coders. Courses may be taken in medical billing, insurance billing, coding, and medical terminology. Graduates of these vocational training programs can work in physician practices, clinics, insurance companies, and hospitals. They can also work from home as self-employed medical billers.

Pharmacy technician
Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of pharmacists and assist with the filling and selling of prescription drugs. Pharmacy technicians may provide customer service, package prescriptions, take customer payments, and perform other duties. Vocational training to be a pharmacy technician involves courses in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and mathematics.

Heating & plumbing
Vocational heating and plumbing programs prepare students to begin careers as plumbers, heating technicians, and in some cases, HVAC technicians. These programs include coursework in plumbing, heating systems, hot water heaters, boilers, and other equipment. This field tends to pay quite well, so investing in the training needed to break in to the field is very wise.

Culinary arts
Culinary arts programs allow students to become skilled at preparing foods, from basic meals to very fancy desserts. Students typically take courses in mixology, working with meat and poultry, pastry and dessert making, and food safety. This type of vocational training course prepares students to work in the food service industry as cooks, menu developers, food photography assistants, and other related positions.

Graphic design
Graphic design is an in-demand career that can help you earn above-average wages. Students in vocational graphic design programs learn to use popular software suites and design logos, letterheads, business cards, advertisements, invitations, and other projects. Graphic designers can work for other companies, or they may be self-employed and work from their home offices.

Paralegals assist attorneys with a wide range of responsibilities including legal document preparation, drafting motions, interviewing clients, preparing for trials, and other projects. Paralegal training programs usually include coursework in legal research, legal writing, civil law, criminal law, family law, real estate law, wills and estates, bankruptcy law, and contract law. Other legal electives such as employment law may also be selected. Students in a paralegal vocational program will be eligible for employment as paralegals or legal assistants upon graduation.

Auto mechanic
There are many vocational training programs that focus on providing students with the skills needed to become an auto mechanic upon graduation. Courses often include classes on engine repair, air conditioning and cooling, transmission work, brake repair, and related topics. Students may also take courses that prepare them for specific certification exams in the mechanic field.

Students enrolled in a vocational training program focusing on landscaping will learn how to perform landscaping services for clients. Topics discussed may include landscaping equipment, shrubbery, planting grasses, using flowers, and running a landscaping business. Graduates will be prepared to work for established landscaping companies or to start their own firms.

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