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Software training is important for anyone who wants to learn a new software or enhance their existing skills with a particular software. Training programs vary on a number of factors including the software being discussed, the length of the program, the training methods being used, and how trainees are evaluated on their learning. Knowing what to look for in a training program can help you choose the best one for your own specific needs.

Online courses
If you are short on time, but want or need to learn a new computer software, online courses may be the best solution for your needs. Online courses take places over the Internet and allow you to access training and assessment materials when it's convenient for you. Online training courses can be less costly and more convenient than traditional software training programs, but there are also some disadvantages. You need to have a computer and browser that are compatible with the training site. You also need reliable Internet access and the ability to download files and programs to your hard drive.

Group training
If you want to learn a new software or build on your existing software skills, group training may be an ideal solution. Group training in software skills usually takes place in a computer lab where you can practice using the computer skills developed in the course. One added benefit of group training as opposed to individual training is that there are other individuals to work with and study with for certification and assessment exams. The drawback of group training is that it may not fit into your schedule since training programs only meet on certain dates and at specific times.

Individual training
Individual training is ideal for users who need one-on-one mentoring and support during a training program. Group training may progress too quickly for people who need more time to learn and more slowly for trainees who learn quickly and want to move on to new concepts. Individual training allows a participant to develop a customized training program with a training consultant. You can address your learning styles and your own individual interests rather than sitting through the same training as hundreds of other people. One big disadvantage of individual training is that it can be costly. However, the advantages usually outweigh the drawbacks when it comes to getting personalized attention and support.

Video training
Video training is another popular software training method. In this type of training, trainees view instructional videos on specific topics. The videos may cover basic information or actually have a trainer demonstrate how to use a specific software package. Video training can be convenient because the training videos can be watched at any time. However, video training is not suited to every learner. Fast learners who excel at listening to and watching training sessions may be able to use video training to learn a new software skill. However, learners that need more support from a trainer would do better to attend on-site training. Their learning needs will be met more successfully to ensure that training is worthwhile.

No matter what type of software training you decide on, there will be benefits and drawbacks. Carefully evaluate the components of each program and pick the one that meets your individual learning style and training objectives.

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