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Online degree programs are programs that are usually completed in a college setting, but can be completed online through certain schools. These programs are very beneficial for students because they make it easier for people to get an education. There is no need to commute to a campus, worry about getting into a class before it fills up, or struggle with finding a parking spot each day. Online degree programs allow students to enroll in online courses and complete all coursework online to avoid these hassles. If you decide to enroll in an online degree program, you'll want to make sure that you're considering only online accredited degree programs. Without accreditation, the program you are enrolled in may not give you much of a competitive edge in the academic field or workplace.

Degree accreditation
When you enroll in online accredited degree programs, you have some measure of comfort in knowing that the school you have enrolled in is accredited. Being accredited means that the school must uphold specific criteria as set for by their accrediting body or commission. In higher education, accrediting commissions review applications for accreditation and conduct inspections of applying schools before accepting or rejecting the applications. Accredited schools are visited at regular intervals to ensure that the standards set forth by the accrediting commission are being met. The standards of accrediting commissions relate to several areas of higher education including student retention, student satisfaction, school facilities, and other factors. If a school gets through a visit successfully, their accreditation is renewed for several years. If the visit uncovers some areas of concern, the accrediting body may choose to renew the school's accreditation for only a short period of time. Once that time period has ended, another visit is conducted to ensure that the school has made the required changes. If they have, their renewal will be extended. If they have not, they may lose their accreditation entirely. You do not want to enroll in any online accredited degree programs at a school that has lost its accreditation.

Benefits of online accredited degree programs
There are many benefits of enrolling in online accredited degree programs versus non-accredited programs. One of these benefits is that online accredited degree programs are eligible to be paid for with federal financial aid funds. Non-accredited programs are not eligible, so students must pay for them out of pocket using their own savings or bank loans. Another benefit of enrolling in online accredited degree programs is that they are usually higher in quality than non-accredited programs. Because accredited institutions must uphold specific standards, they usually deliver courses that are higher in quality than programs that are delivered by schools without accreditation. The major benefit to enrolling in online accredited degree programs is that they are looked upon more favorably by potential employers and graduate school admissions committees than programs that are not accredited.  Non-accredited programs usually do not have very strict requirements, so completing online accredited degree programs shows that you had the knowledge and skills to be admitted to the programs and complete them successfully.

Finding online accredited degree programs
Finding online accredited degree programs should not be difficult. If you have several schools in mind, visit their Web sites or call the admissions offices to find out if they offer online accredited degree programs. Schools are proud of their accreditations, so the information will most likely be displayed prominently on Web sites and in school marketing materials. If you cannot find any information about accreditation on a school site, you want to proceed with caution. If the information is not available, it may mean that the school does not offer online accredited degree programs. If this is the case, verify the lack of accreditation with the school's admissions office. If no one from the admissions office is willing to answer your question, you can also contact the accrediting body for that region directly and ask if the school you are considering has online accredited degree programs.

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AA degree AA degree
Coursework in an associate of arts or AA degree program can include courses in language, public speaking, and arts and humanities electives.

Accelerated nursing degrees Accelerated nursing degrees
Accelerated nursing degrees are for people who want to complete an accelerated nursing program within twelve to eighteen months.

Associate degree programs Associate degree programs
An associate degrees awarded by colleges, universities, and other institutions help students expand their educational and career opportunities.

Online bachelor degree Online bachelor degree
Many schools offer online bachelor degree programs, but you need to be careful about which school you pick for your students.

Online law degree Online law degree
The coursework for an online degree is the same for most online law degree programs as it is for traditional law schools.

Online teaching degree Online teaching degree
Online teaching degree programs are educational programs delivered in an online environment and result in a teaching degree.

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