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IT training is important for all employees, regardless of their department or level. Even employees from accounting and human resources need basic IT training in order to perform their jobs successfully. Understanding the types of IT training available will help you to determine the needs of your employees and offer training programs that help them develop skills that will benefit your company's bottom line.

Productivity software
Most companies now use productivity software to develop spreadsheets, build databases, read and respond to electronic mail, create presentations, and complete word processing projects. If employees do not have the skills needed to use this software, it can cause frustration and an inability to complete assigned work. IT training can be valuable in this type of situation. Employees may be trained in very basic skills or they may build on basic skills by taking advanced training courses. This type of training benefits businesses because employees are able to use software more efficiently and improve their overall productivity.

Internet training
While it's almost impossible to imagine an employee that doesn't know how to use the Internet, it's been known to happen. If your company requires employees to use the Internet for research or workflow management, it is best if you offer training on this topic. Some training programs are very basic and cover things like using search engines and opening a browser page. Others are more advanced and involve using electronic databases or using a content management system to improve the work process.

Acceptable use
One type of IT training doesn't involve teaching employees computer skills. Acceptable use training involves training employees on what is considered acceptable use of company computers and networks. Topics addressed may include personal use of electronic mail, access of inappropriate sites on company time, and proper use of company computing equipment. Training new employees on your acceptable use policies can reduce the chances of a problem coming up in the future.

Systems training
Many companies use their own computer programs and systems so that employees can work and communicate effectively. When one system is replaced with a new one, or significant changes are made to an existing system, training is essential. Systems training can cover many topics, including changes to user commands and functions of new software. Offering this type of training can help minimize the number of issues experience when enhancing a system or upgrading to a brand new system.

Computer equipment
If employees already know how to use the software your company uses, they may be having a hard time using other computer equipment such as printers and scanners. Holding IT training on the use of computer peripherals can have a very positive impact on productivity. Once employees are skilled enough to use equipment correctly, it can also reduce costs. For example, an employee who now struggles with using a printer may be wasting a lot of paper on aborted print jobs. Once they have been trained, they will make fewer mistakes and waste less paper.

Basic computer skills
While most employees these days have some level of computing skill, there are at least a few people who don't have basic computer skills. Since computers are used in almost every aspect of the business world, it is essential for these employees to develop computer skills so they can perform their jobs successfully. Basic computer skills training may cover basic concepts such as powering up a computer, using the navigation menu, switching from one item to another using the task bar, and proper file management. Teaching employees these basic skills gives them the foundation they need to start work and continue to build more advanced skills in the future.

Offering IT training to your employees is a great way to ensure that their computer skills are in line with what your company requires. This type of training can improve employee morale, reduce costs, and even increase revenues over time.

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