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If you want to get healthier, slim down, or build more muscle, starting a fitness training program can be the ideal to help you accomplish your goals. Fitness training programs can be individualized so that you are addressing your own specific goals and training at a pace that suits your physical condition and lifestyle. Before beginning a fitness program, there are several factors you must consider. Thinking seriously about what you want out of a fitness training program will help you get the most for your money.

Training purpose
Before starting any type of fitness training program, you need to decide exactly why you want to get involved in fitness training. Different people will go into fitness training with a different purpose in mind. Someone who is ten pounds overweight may want to start a program in order to shed those extra pounds. Someone who has an elevated cholesterol level or high blood pressure may try fitness training as a way to reduce these levels. Fitness training is started by many others as a way to simply gain strength and improve overall health levels. Determining your purpose for fitness training will help you to understand what training methods you will use to meet your goals.

Goal setting
If you decide to get involved in a fitness training program, you need to develop goals so that you can track your progress and see how far you've come. Setting general goals like "lose weight" is not helpful. Instead, you must set goals that are very specific and include a time frame. For example, "lose two pounds within ten days" is a much better goal because you can end that ten-day period and know if you met your goal or not. Your fitness goals must also be realistic. Setting a goal of losing fifty pounds in two weeks or trying to push yourself to lift more weight in a short time frame is not realistic and can harm you in the long run.

Training participants
When you get involved in fitness training, you need to determine who will be involved in the process. Some people choose to train on their own and develop their own plans. Others need more encouragement and support, so they decide to train with friends or join a formal fitness training group. There are many personal fitness trainers available to help you set goals and achieve a better level of fitness.

Training safety
One thing you need to be aware of when you start fitness training is your physical limitations. If you know you have a hard time carrying a case of water from the store or that you struggle with lifting grocery bags, you don't want to start out trying to bench press hundreds of pounds. You also need to know if there is any reason you need to limit your fitness training. Your doctor may be able to tell you of any conditions that would prevent you from successfully engaging in fitness training or tell you how to go through fitness training while using proper safety and caution.

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