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Salespeople, account executives, and entrepreneurs all have a wide range of responsibilities. Customer relationship management, product delivery, and communication are all very important. But the most successful executives and entrepreneurs will also have good business development skills. Without the ability to develop new business, sales will stagnate and profits will drop. Good business development skills don’t always come naturally to managers and executives, so business development training programs exist to teach these professionals the skills they need to be successful.

Business development
Business development training programs focus on the techniques and tools needed to develop new business. Some programs are basic and simply touch on these topics. Others are more intensive and provide in-depth information about lead generation, prospecting, and closing sales. Before a manager or entrepreneur enrolls in a business development training program, they should already have some basic skills and attributes. Enthusiasm and an interest for the sales field are essential. Without an interest in making sales, these professionals will never be able to truly grasp the concepts introduced in business development training. Enrollees should also have some sales background so they are able to understand the terminology being used and apply it to real-life business development issues.

Lead generation
Most business development training programs include lessons or modules specifically on lead generation. Lead generation is the process of creating interest in a company’s products or services. There are many types of lead generation for business development training teachers to discuss, including direct mail, free seminars, public relations, telemarketing, whitepapers, e-mail marketing, and Internet marketing. The aim of these marketing activities is to generate interest and capture the names and contact information of interested consumers. A good example of an online lead generation tool would be a subscription form for an e-mail newsletter. Subscribers enter their names and e-mail addresses, which can then be used for other forms of marketing.

Closing sales
Closing sales is one of the most important steps of the business development process in terms of revenue and profits. Even if you can generate thousands of leads, your efforts will be for nothing if you can’t convert those leads into sales. Business development training programs often include modules on closing sales. There are many different sales techniques that can be used to close a sale with a particular customer. One example is the presumptive close. Instead of asking the prospect if they would like to buy, the salesperson simply presumes that they are going to buy and asks the prospect how they would like to pay or when they would like the product delivered. Attending business development training programs can help you to develop these closing skills and make more sales.

Customer relationship management
Customer relationship management is another important part of the business development process. Some salespeople are excellent lead generators and can close sales without much effort at all. However, the sale is not the end of the relationship between a salesperson and a customer. Good customer relationship management must be one of the skills of the salesperson so that customers are happy and are compelled to buy again or refer their friends and family members. Business development training programs often touch on skills needed for good customer relationship management including excellent communication, consistent follow through, and honesty. Business development training courses focusing on customer relationship management may also offer information on getting organized with customer relationship management software.

If you’re looking for a way to build your business development skills, or help your employees learn these needed skills, consider signing up for a business development training program. Programs are available on-site and online so that you can complete the training when it’s convenient. Once the business development training is complete, you’ll be able to apply your new skills as soon as you return to work.

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